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Healing Helpers in Texarkana, Bowie Co., Miller Co., and surrounding areas

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Tell Your Story


At Healing Helpers, we are convinced that stories shared are lessons learned. If you have an experience that conveys a message, we would love to include it in our blog, with the following stipulations:

  • No profanity -- There are places in communicating personal accounts where profanity may be appropriate, but not on this site.
  • Hopeful messages -- When writing, however desperate the situation, end your writing on a hopeful note.
  • Be concise -- Try to limit your writing from two to five paragraphs.
  • Be understood -- Even some of the best writers have difficulty with grammar, correct punctuation, where commas go etc., but don't let that stop you. Do the best you can. Make your story understandable.
  • DO NOT PLAGIARIZE -- Any writing submitted will be checked for plagiarism. Your story has to be true and written in the way it relates to you.

To get your submission reviewed, simply sign up for updates and submit through email.

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